Implementation of service changes and network upgrades is now a more manageable process. US ACOMM's understanding of our voice and data services ensures that the right services are used, and billing errors are avoided.
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Networks perform best when all of their parts are in position.

A strategy has value only if it gets implemented.
US ACOMM takes your plans and makes them a reality. Optimization of your networks may be as simple as consolidating services and eliminating unnecessary charges.
Or it may involve upgrading your entire network.

We do not sell communications hardware.
We work closely with your hardware vendors to provide the best solution for you.

Our customers feel good about the changes we make for them. Our documentation and reporting keeps telecom managers fully informed of what services are being changed, and how much they will cost.

Optimizing your networks using our process also establishes invoice approval parameters and provides for fast and accurate reporting of trouble.


What US ACOMM optimization offers your business.

A back office developed to reduce the burden on your IT resources.

We specialize in smoothing out network transitions with branch offices, relocations, mergers and acquisition integrations.

We initiate all changes with providers, local and long distance, including disconnect orders.

Workflow provides consistent communication of order progress.

Follow-up to make sure new service and disconnect orders are posted correctly.


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