Risk Free Review

After giving US ACOMM a free accounts to inventory, they found many billing errors as well as outdated services. Now that they've completed a full review, we have reduced expenses and stayed within budget. And US ACOMM charged us nothing
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It costs you nothing to try our winning process.


Sound too good to be true? We are so sure of our process that we will perform a network services inventory on a sample of your accounts at no charge just to demonstrate our value to you.

We’ll dig into the service records for the accounts and produce a set of reports that clearly describe the services you are paying for. You will also get recommendations on alternative service configurations that leverage your existing networks and take advantage of preferred pricing options from your providers.

We can facilitate any service changes that need to be made, from correcting improper billing and credit recovery to complete enterprise network upgrades.

Contact US ACOMM about taking a test drive to experience our Clarify ‹ Strategize ‹ Optimize process.
Call us at 800-322-6599.


Wide area networks

Metropolitan area networks

Central office trunking solutions

Toll and toll-free long distance

High-speed internet connectivity

Remote access

Invoice review and approval

Cost allocation

Network design

Project management

Entrance facility and fiber


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