Reports that make sense have made a big difference in managing our telecommunications costs. US ACOMM found enough money spent on billing errors to pay for the upgrading of our networks.
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We give you a clear picture of what you're really paying for.

It sounds easy enough. But before you can make decisions about how to improve your communications services, you need to know what you are buying right now.

US ACOMM translates your account information into an understandable inventory with all network service charges.

Our Network Services Inventory is a clear snapshot of your voice, data and video service configurations. Besides identifying charges that are in error, the inventory provides insight into leveraging all services when designing an integrated network solution.


What our Network Services Inventory can do for you:

More than 80% of provider invoices contain errors. Nine out of ten of those errors are in the provider’s favor.

You may be missing out on preferred pricing rates that you are eligible for.

We often uncover services that have been disconnected or no longer used that you are still being charged for.

We can facilitate recovery of costs paid on invoices that contained errors.

A reconciled service record helps you set up an approval process based on recurring charges and appropriate variance parameters.


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