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Case Study – Organize and manage telecommunications invoices and payments


  • Multi-location healthcare organization with hospitals and clinics in multiple communities.
  • Provides variety of hospital and clinic services to the public.
  • This geographically diverse organization pays all bills for all telecommunications services from a single location.
  • Currently processing in excess of 400 Qwest invoices manually (paper bills) and via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Managers are required to review each invoice prior to payment. The time required to review invoices exceeded capacity.
  • Invoices fall out of the EDI system and do not get paid resulting in late payment charges and disconnect notices.
  • Miscellaneous charges (third party provider charges) are not investigated resulting in payments for services not subscribed to billed on the Qwest invoices (errors, SLAMMING and CRAMMING by unauthorized providers).
  • Single vendor payments are issued for multiple accounts in an effort to minimize the number checks being processed. The payments can be misapplied resulting in additional effort attempting to balance accounts, dispute late charges and keep services from being disconnected.

Customer Need

  • Simplify billing.
  • Reduce the amount of time required to review, process and pay invoices.
  • Allocate service charges to the appropriate operating organization.
  • Eliminate disconnect notices, late charges, and miscellaneous charges.
  • Reporting capability with the ability to identify and manipulate data by location, service, and cost.


  • US ACOMM Inc. Invoice Review Services
  • US ACOMM restructured over 400 Qwest invoices to less than 10 summary invoices with over 400 sub-accounts.
  • Account profiles were established for each summary and sub-account including the following information:
    • Variance parameter for monthly charges
    • Vendor information for accounts payable
    • Service type/use
    • Location/Department
    • Cost center
  • Parameters were set as to customer acceptable variances.
  • All billing was redirected to US ACOMM every month for data entry and scrutiny.
  • On-line downloadable reports were made available.

Results & Benefits

  • Late charges and disconnect notices have been eliminated.
  • Miscellaneous charges have been reduced from an average of $1500 per month to less than $100 per month.
  • Many unneeded services were disconnected (100% savings).
  • Overall hard dollar expenses decreased, inclusive of cost of providing the billing service.
  • Customer accounts payable and telecommunications resource time required to review, process and pay invoices was reduced significantly.
  • Reports provide better oversight for control of services and costs.
  • All reports to Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Telecommunications are in the customized formats required by each functional organization.

  • An external audit of telecommunications expenses resulted in the highest rating achievable.

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