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Qwest iQ Networking Internet Port (10Mbps) with Ethernet Local Access (ELA)

Case Study - Upgrade from SPRINT DS-1 dedicated internet port to a 10Mbps Internet Port with Ethernet Local Access (ELA)

Customer Background

  • Environmental & Public Affairs Consultants for Energy Infrastructure Projects.
  • This customer provides exceptional environmental and public affairs consulting for natural gas, crude oil and refined product pipelines, gas storage and LNG facilities.           
  • Headquartered in Minneapolis this firm has eight offices nationally.
  • Firm growth and implementation of a converged IP solution for office connectivity had increased internet connectivity requirements beyond a DS-1 port.

Customer Need

  • Internet connectivity requirements exceeded the existing DS-1 port. The customer requested pricing for a 3Mbps port with NxDS-1 connectivity.


  • Qwest iQ Networking Internet Port (10Mbps) with Ethernet Local Access (ELA)
  • US ACOMM presented a Qwest iQ Networking Internet Port (3Mbps) with NxDS-1 local access for $1,169.60 as requested.
  • US ACOMM also presented an alternative quote for Qwest iQ Networking Internet Port (10Mbps) with Ethernet Local Access (ELA) for $1,934.00 monthly. The 10Mbps ELA Internet port represented a 333% capacity increase for a 65% increase in monthly charges when compared to the 3Mbps option.
  • Qwest® offers Ethernet Local Access (ELA) as a type of local loop used to transport data from a customer’s premises to a Qwest Internet Port (Qwest iQ Networking® Internet Port or standalone Internet Port). The customer hands off their data to Qwest at the defined Ethernet handoff demarcation point within the customer building. The customer’s data is transported over the shared metro optical Ethernet network at speeds ranging from two Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. ELA is delivered to the Qwest Communications Corporation (QCC) backbone and connected to a Qwest iQ Networking Internet Port or standalone Internet Port. This type of ELA is considered “ELA–Native Ethernet” as it rides a shared metro optical Ethernet network infrastructure. Future developments at Qwest will allow Qwest to offer ELA–Ethernet over a synchronous optical network (SONET) that will be a dedicated type of ELA.
  • Availability - Qwest ELA–Native Ethernet is available in metropolitan areas where Qwest or one of Qwest’s access providers has Ethernet facilities lighting the customer’s location. Today, ELA-Native Ethernet is offered at either on-net facilities or through Qwest’s many Ethernet access providers. ELA is not a stand-alone product but a local loop that is used to access Qwest’s nationwide backbone network.
  • Qwest does not require any special customer premises equipment (CPE), nor does Qwest charge the customer for any network/CPE management services.

Results & Benefits

  • Lower cost per Mbps of Internet Access
  • Simplified network design over NxDS-1 solution
  • Ethernet network interface
  • Easily scalable port
  • Reliability of a fiber local loop

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