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Qwest GeoMax

Case Study Upgrade from OC-12 SHNS to GeoMax


  • One of the largest healthcare providers in the Twin Cities

  • Hospitals and clinics in multiple communities.

  • Provides a variety of hospital, clinic and outpatient services to the public.

  • These geographically diverse locations derive all applications from a single source location and all hospitals are connected to the hub location.
  • Current hospital network data connectivity is an OC-12 Self Healing Network Service (SHNS)

Customer Need

  • Increased bandwidth and redundancy requirements to address the ever increasing applications associated with the new age of healthcare. The current OC-12 network was at capacity.  

Customer Problem

  • Current OC12 network was at capacity and would require an upgrade to an OC-48, or addition of separate circuits outside of the OC-12 would need to be deployed to accommodate growth requirements.


  • Qwest GeoMax Service
  • Qwest GeoMax service is a high speed, high capacity, multi-protocol data- networking solution. The service combines dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) technology with diverse interoffice fiber facilities.
  • Each customer location interface (wavelength) is completely isolated from the others and has its own dedicated bandwidth or wavelength. The DWDM equipment does not process the data, thus, different protocols and bit rates can be mixed within the same fiber, i.e., protocol and bit rate independent. Qwest GeoMax service offers various protection options, providing protection against both electronic and fiber failures.
  • Customer interfaces: ETR, D-1 Video, ESCON channel, Fast Ethernet, FICON, Fibre Channel, FDDI, Gigabit Ethernet, ISC, SONET OC-3 OC-12 OC-48 (DS-3 DS-1 ports available through the SST tariff)

Results & Benefits

GeoMax addressed the immediate need for increased bandwidth (Gigabit Ethernet), survivability and inherently had the scalability to keep up with the array of new healthcare applications requiring extreme amounts of bandwidth. GeoMax will eliminate the need to replace the network infrastructure for the next seven to ten years, and   most likely longer. The cost of Geomax was similar to upgrading the current SHNS to an OC48, but provided more immediate capacity and significantly greater system scalability.


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