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Onvoy Converged IP Services
(Private Data Network)

Case Study – Community Bank Connectivity (9 sites)

Customer Background

  • A Community Bank System with banks located in 9 rural communities in southwestern Minnesota and western Iowa
  • Five banks are served by independent telephone companies
  • Current connectivity is a Local Exchange Carrier Frame Relay Solution in three lata’s and interexchange carrier DS-1 private lines networking three frame relay clouds across lata’s
  • Current frame relay network was approaching contract expiration
  • All frame relay ports are configured as full DS-1 with 1024 Kbps CIR
  • Current frame relay network required PVC’s to be load balanced across two DS-1 host ports
  • Customer successfully runs VoIP between bank locations over frame relay
  • Current connectivity solution monthly charges $9,080.82

Customer Need

  • In light of the existing frame relay contract expiration, the customer desired to explore frame relay renewal options and evaluate a potential migration to a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based solution
  • The customer desired to reduce monthly cost, a challenge for many MPLS service providers with five banks served by independent telephone companies


  • Onvoy Converged IP Services (Private Data Network)
  • 1.536Mbps remote bank On-Ramps and a 3 Mbps host On-Ramp
  • Monthly recurring charge $7,965.00 ($1,200 less than the 36 month frame relay renewal option)

Results & Benefits

  • Reduced monthly network costs
  • Simplified network design
  • Improved reliability of VoIP (without subscribing to QOS)

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